What the Shuck: How to Open Oysters at Home

Before quarantine, I had always wanted to master the art of shucking oysters—it’s a simple skill that goes a long way as a New Englander and seafood lover. I’ve taken full advantage of my spare time this spring by picking up local oysters and shucking them at home. I would also say that my personalContinue reading “What the Shuck: How to Open Oysters at Home”

The Face Mask, Fashion’s New Accessory

As stay-at-home orders caused by coronavirus begin to lift across the United States, it’s time to level up our face mask game. When the global pandemic first started to spread through the United States, there was no formal protocol regarding face coverings in public. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly encouragesContinue reading “The Face Mask, Fashion’s New Accessory”

How to Style a Button-down Shirt

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned as a stylist, building a wardrobe of classic staples makes life so much easier. Why? Because you can spend less time wondering what to wear and spend more time doing things that matter.  Wardrobe staples may slightly differ from one closet to the next, but finding the rightContinue reading “How to Style a Button-down Shirt”

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