It’s All About the Tee

The T-shirt has always been such a  quintessential part of our wardrobe that we can easily forget how essential and necessary it is. Take the white tee, arent we always on the hunt for the perfect version? We all want it to be crisp, clean, soft, and most importantly NOT see-thru. If you are luckyContinue reading “It’s All About the Tee”

Fave Insta Photo Turned into Wall Art in a Flash

This is a project that I have been in love with for years. The medium of these fabric sheets that you can run through any standard printer is really quite magical. I like everyone else who takes an average of 20+ pictures a day. Some get deleted and a tiny amount will get printed forContinue reading “Fave Insta Photo Turned into Wall Art in a Flash”

Knits by Xoli – A Soweto born Knitting Sensation

As we start to head out of lockdown I was super excited to have a Zoom chat interview with an incredible up and coming knitter who was born in Soweto, South Africa. I met Xoli a few years ago in Westport and was immediately drawn in by her gorgeous African accent and bubbly personality.  WhileContinue reading “Knits by Xoli – A Soweto born Knitting Sensation”

Running with Style

Over the last couple of years, running has been my saving grace.  My morning runs manage to achieve all things that I need to stay strong both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Getting up before the kids awake and hitting the pavement will make me feel empowered, gives me time to pray, and magically solve mostContinue reading “Running with Style”

The 30-Second Decorative Pillow

I am slightly pillow obsessed, OK who am I kidding I am a junkie! Honestly, how could you not be? There are so many gorgeous prints and the impact they have on any space is just plain magical. Needless to say,  between sewing and buying I have built up quite the collection of decorative pillowsContinue reading “The 30-Second Decorative Pillow”

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