Bananas for Bandanas

Remember when bandanas were worn on almost every teenager with the classic red paisley print? It seems nowadays bandanas are mostly used as masks for your bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. Believe it or not, bandanas have been around for almost three hundred years. An adaptation of the good old handkerchief, bandanas never seemContinue reading “Bananas for Bandanas”

Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Mask

This is always my go-to when I’m running out of my store-bought finds, but desperately need to help my hair. I usually stir this one up when my hair is feeling brittle, dry, and crying for some love. Mayonnaise has an incredible amount of nutrients that may not be so good for your body, butContinue reading “Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Mask”

Finding Love During Lockdown

In this day and age being single is hard enough, but being single during a worldwide pandemic lockdown–pure hell. Fortunately, we live in a time where there seems to be endless amounts of dating websites and apps to help us. There is Bumble where if you aren’t on it 24 hours of the day, failureContinue reading “Finding Love During Lockdown”

Platform Flip-Flops: In, Square-Toed Flip Flops: Out

This past year the square toe, heeled flip flop swept the nation. There are endless amounts of companies that began producing this trend, however, I can’t seem to fully get behind it. In some cases, yes it does look chic. For example, this heel from a niche Australian brand named Nakedvice is everything. Jen Caballos,Continue reading “Platform Flip-Flops: In, Square-Toed Flip Flops: Out”

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