It’s All About the Tee

The T-shirt has always been such a  quintessential part of our wardrobe that we can easily forget how essential and necessary it is. Take the white tee, arent we always on the hunt for the perfect version? We all want it to be crisp, clean, soft, and most importantly NOT see-thru. If you are luckyContinue reading “It’s All About the Tee”

Bananas for Bandanas

Remember when bandanas were worn on almost every teenager with the classic red paisley print? It seems nowadays bandanas are mostly used as masks for your bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. Believe it or not, bandanas have been around for almost three hundred years. An adaptation of the good old handkerchief, bandanas never seemContinue reading “Bananas for Bandanas”

Dior presents a beautiful fashion film for its Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture Collection

Human nature is astounding as people have adapted so much and so quickly during Covid-19. The pandemic has forced so many of us to make changes, and Couture Fashion Week is no exception. For the first time ever, Couture Fashion Week has been forced to go digital. From the 6th to the 8th of July,Continue reading “Dior presents a beautiful fashion film for its Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture Collection”

Knits by Xoli – A Soweto born Knitting Sensation

As we start to head out of lockdown I was super excited to have a Zoom chat interview with an incredible up and coming knitter who was born in Soweto, South Africa. I met Xoli a few years ago in Westport and was immediately drawn in by her gorgeous African accent and bubbly personality.  WhileContinue reading “Knits by Xoli – A Soweto born Knitting Sensation”

You Need to Calm Down

Guest Post by Diana Jarrett Some people want to make a bold statement with vibrant–strongly saturated colored gemstone jewelry. That’s what ruby and sapphire are for. Drama mamas. All good. But others, including your intrepid bling-wrangler, yearn to create a sea of calm using pastel-colored accessories. Singly stated or in combination with other pale tones,Continue reading “You Need to Calm Down”

2020s Most Original Engagement Rings

Guest Post by Diana Jarrett Every bride has her unique style, and every engaged couple has their own original love story. So, shouldn’t their bridal jewelry be as memorable as they are? This year there seems to be more innovative engagement rings than ever before if you take time to hunt for them. Innovative designersContinue reading “2020s Most Original Engagement Rings”

Activewear Sets To Jumpstart Your Workout

Amongst all the stay at home orders, social distancing, and some gyms/fitness centers remaining closed it can seem like A LOT of effort to find the motivation to actually work out. I don’t know about you but I find that in this weird time, something as simple as a matching workout set really helps meContinue reading “Activewear Sets To Jumpstart Your Workout”

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