Traditional Ligurian Nut-Free Pesto Pasta

A visit to my local garden nursery yesterday inspired me to make homemade basil pesto sauce. The herbs were so fresh and fragrant, it was hard to pass up the opportunity to use them in my recipes. Pesto is one of those Italian sauces that are so easy to make and has such a flavorfulContinue reading “Traditional Ligurian Nut-Free Pesto Pasta”

What the Shuck: How to Open Oysters at Home

Before quarantine, I had always wanted to master the art of shucking oysters—it’s a simple skill that goes a long way as a New Englander and seafood lover. I’ve taken full advantage of my spare time this spring by picking up local oysters and shucking them at home. I would also say that my personalContinue reading “What the Shuck: How to Open Oysters at Home”

Happy as a Clam ….Packet

Steamed clams with garlic, butter, white wine, and scallions has to be one of my most favorite dishes. It’s so light and incredibly flavorful and especially delicious served with a few pieces of warm crusty bread and a chilled glass of wine. What’s nice about this recipe is that you can serve your steamed clamsContinue reading “Happy as a Clam ….Packet”

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