It’s All About the Tee

The T-shirt has always been such a  quintessential part of our wardrobe that we can easily forget how essential and necessary it is. Take the white tee, arent we always on the hunt for the perfect version? We all want it to be crisp, clean, soft, and most importantly NOT see-thru.

If you are lucky enough to find the perfect one it can be the perfect mate to a blazer and jeans, it can go underneath a little slip dress for daytime casualness or be “french tucked” into a cute pair of cigarette capris for ultimate classic chic.

As we are moving into the back end of the summer and heading into the fall of 2020.  Here are a few faves that can easily add some freshness to your wardrobe for prices that will still keep cash in your bank account.


This tee is a modern twist on an 80’s look.  To make it current I would keep everything else super simple.  Perhaps a pair of super long faded jeans or I also like the idea of topping it with a classic clean pencil skirt and little white pair of fresh Supergas.


While I still like the idea of the graphic tee (especially under a very well-tailored blazer) I think that a more grownup version is a tee with special detailing. This can be gorgeous beading, a nice textured material, or some other distinctive aspect. I love this tee from Maje with gorgeous bodice work in the back.  It gives me big 1990 Madonna vibes.  Obviously good with denim, but I think that an unexpected pairing would be over maxidress.


The oversized tee can be magical in many ways.  First of all, you can purchase them for a packet of quarters at your local CVS.  Yes, grab a 3 -pack of men’s Hanes tee-shirts.  From there the styling possibilities are endless.  Knot it over shirts or do this season’s hot trend of wearing it over a pair of biker shorts.  Obviously, if you are younger and have perfect abs you can tie it crop style.  For the rest of us, we will wear it long and strong or at the most do a tiny half-tuck but have the rest cover our thighs and COVID muffin tops. Cute. simple and comfortable and will have you out the door in minutes.


No matter what, in any decade the classic tee will always walk away with the gold.  There are maybe a dozen pieces of great style (including a great neutral suit, a black cardigan, a pencil skirt, a perfect-fitting pair of jeans, a striped button-down, a grey cashmere,  a red pump, etc.)  It can take ANY bottom you have and elevate it to instant chic.  It’s my favorite pairing to a cute denim skirt or jeans and under layer to either a boyfriend or cropped blazer.  It does need to be replaced often so I suggest not spending too much.  Just make sure that you have one or two in your wardrobe arsenal.


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