BloomsFair Floral Art

As I walk around London, I can’t fail to notice magnificent floral arrangements adorning shop windows and entrances. I happened to be organizing a fundraising event and thought it would be wondrous to have some of these beautiful floral decorations at the event. I was thrilled to find out the name of the company that created the arrangements and gave them a call. 

BloomsFair is a London based floral company that uses the finest quality silk flowers mixed with fresh foliage to create the most natural-looking and long-lasting floral art. One of the owners of BloomsFair is Yana Sheptitskaya-Leach. I met Yana when I called BloomsFair to see if they could design the florals for the event that I was working on. I was very impressed with her professionalism and sense of style and I knew the outcome would be even more spectacular than I had hoped for. 

Yana started BloomsFair with her partner Olesya when she was going through a very difficult time in her life. She had lost her husband to cancer and it was hard for her to imagine she would ever be happy again. Prior to her husband passing away, Yana worked with him in the automotive industry, but once he passed away, Yana quickly realized it was mentally very difficult for her to work alone in a male-dominated industry. A year passed and Yana and her daughter celebrated their birthdays together as their birthdays fall close to one another. They decided on an Enchanted Forest theme as they wanted their birthday party to look magical. As Yana searched around she realized that there were not many floral design companies that were flexible, creative, and able to provide a service at an affordable price. After some inquiring, she happened to meet Olesya, who was already running a successful silk flower decoration business. Yana and Olesya ended up setting up the events business together and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. 

For Yana and Olesya, the key to making their floral installations look amazing is to create scale and make it all look organic. They mix dried branches, dried foliage, and silk flowers of excellent quality. The materials used are recycled and they make sure the flowers are UV resistant so that they do not fade in the sun. Yana and Olesya went through a huge number of suppliers to find the ones that provide the most realistic flowers and use the finest materials. Yana has been a creative director for eight years and has worked with many different spaces, so when she meets up with a client at their venue, she can almost immediately come up with an image in her head of how to create magic in that particular space. For Yana, it’s extremely satisfying when the installation is finished and she sees the look on her clients’ faces that tells her she did a great job. 

I asked Yana if there is a lesson that she has learned from being in business for herself. In her opinion, she said, “never be afraid of starting a business, especially if it is something that you love! One learns as they go along. You don’t have to start big. Focusing on what you really know and helping your clients to achieve even more than what they are looking for is enough. The rest you can learn, but you need to learn constantly to become the best in your field.”

For BloomsFair it is a very difficult time right now as so many companies are suffering. But they are launching new services to keep up with the evolving times and with their creativity, artistic ability, affordable prices, and professionalism I know they will be great in all that they do. For more information or to get in touch please visit them at   @bloomsfair

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