Magnetic Eyeliner

Goodbye, sweet, sweet lipsticks. My red lippies are in the trash.

Just kidding. These beloved staples of my makeup wardrobe will be in the drawer as my pout will be covered in public for the foreseeable future.  (See Mia’s article to get great masks!)

It is time that we make-up wearers up our eye game.

I have never been good at putting on falsies myself – they shifted, didn’t stay stuck, made my eyes water and I worried I was pulling too hard on my delicate eyelid to get them off.

So on a whim this week, I dipped my toe in the magnetic eyeliner and falsies pool – and it was more successful than I expected.

I tried the KISS Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes and the Eylure London ProMagnetic Lashes. ($14.99 at Target)

First Thoughts 

The eyeliners are a little thicker and goopier, so be careful lining or it will go thick.

Magnetic Lashes make it easier to reposition the lashes if they are not lined up correctly.

I researched a little online, and optometrists have said magnetic lashes are safe to use around the eyes. Of course, always do your own research if you are hesitant. It is safer than getting eyelash glue in your eyes!  It is safest if you remove them and clean your eyes before bed.

The video I made was my first try, but with a little practice, I was able to get the liner to line a little thinner.

How to Actually Put on the Lashes

Always trim the lashes to fit your lashline length. They will be uncomfortable if they go to close to your inner eye. Many users seem to prefer the accents (fake lashes that span just the mid to outer eye) for comfort and a more subtle look. This might be a good first step to ease in.

Different brands vary on the number of eyeliner coats to apply (seems to primarily be two or three), but typically, you are to apply the eyeliner and let it dry a little before the next coat, then repeat. Allow drying before applying the lashes.

Make sure to line as close to your lash line as possible – the lashes will be placed where the liner is and you want them to blend.

The Verdict

It took me two tries but I got it. Then – because quarantine – instead of going out to show off my fine ass self, I sat down next to my husband on the couch. But! Chris turns to me and says, “you look pretty, you did something to your eyes.” As good as going to the bar – these lashes got me laid!

The Eyelure was better – although the eyeliner was even thicker than the KISS eyeliner, the lashes stayed secure. Very secure. They made it through the day, and bless the people at Eyelure, they stayed on through a particularly frisky evening. This leads me to the last part of the magnetic lashes review – they’re sex-proof!

Additional Recommendations

KVD VEGAN BEAUTY Tattoo Eyeliner has stayed put when I was in a Hawaiian waterfall… because I really had to pee and going in a port-a-potty that sat in the sun all day was a nonstarter. ($21 at Sephora.) 

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara has the most amazing wand that you can wiggle around to get close to your eyelid and the tips of your lashes. Tip: If you wait for beauty events at a department store, you can typically get free lipstick, eyeliner, and eye makeup remover in a bonus package with the mascara! ($27.50 at Bloomingdales)


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