Fave Insta Photo Turned into Wall Art in a Flash

This is a project that I have been in love with for years. The medium of these fabric sheets that you can run through any standard printer is really quite magical. I like everyone else who takes an average of 20+ pictures a day. Some get deleted and a tiny amount will get printed for my old fashioned photo album.  However, the bulk of them live on my phone, then there is the other amount that go to the cloud. I still have yet to discover where this cloud is. I just pray that when the time comes I will be granted to wisdom and knowledge to find them.  

This is why I really love projects like this that can at least take one dearly beloved picture and turn it into something beautiful that I can admire day in and day out.

The other bonus that I like about this project is that you do not need any special skills beyond the capacity to print and thread an embroidery needle with floss. If you are able to sew some hidden gems and beads lying around the house you will be a master at this game.

What You Need

Fabric paper
Embroidery floss
Extra beads and trinkets
Embroidery hoop depending on size
Disappearing ink pinks 

How To

In the spirit of the BLM I wanted to celebrate the mixed racial background of my 2 daughters, so I chose this picture of them being silly and fab in front of our bathroom mirror. 

First, I edited the photo to black and white but obviously you can do whatever you want to your picture and whatever suits the pic and your decor.

You just need to insert the 8×11 sheets into your printer and then remove the backing paper. You are then left with this awesome piece of fabric with your custom picture.  You can add words or any other graphic of your liking to be printed on the sheet as well.

Then really the fun begins. You can add ribbon, fabric scraps, beads, shells, or literally anything you have lying the house. Below is one that I did ages ago that included a favorite vintage piece of fabric.  

I think that is a good idea to lay out all of your elements to get a general idea of your layout. Once happy you can draw in your text. As you can see from the picture I asked my daughter to use her lovely handwriting but then thought it was too small so asked her to make it larger. At this point there is no need to “erase” it as the heat from your iron will remove all traces of ink of your Frixion pens once finished.

It’s an awesome project to take to your garden, deck, or beach as it’s so small and easy.  I especially love it as all mistakes just come off as “artsy.”

Once finished, tie in all of your loose ends and place it in your embroidery hoop.  

Then, cut a 1.5 border of your excess fabric and hot glue the border inside the frame on the back. You could obviously opt for an actual frame if that is the look that you are going for.

And voila! One less picture that is away from the mercy of the cloud and up and your walls to admire 24/7/365!

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