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It’s All About the Tee

The T-shirt has always been such a  quintessential part of our wardrobe that we can easily forget how essential and necessary it is. Take the white tee, arent we always on the hunt for the perfect version? We all want it to be crisp, clean, soft, and most importantly NOT see-thru. If you are luckyContinue reading “It’s All About the Tee”

BloomsFair Floral Art

As I walk around London, I can’t fail to notice magnificent floral arrangements adorning shop windows and entrances. I happened to be organizing a fundraising event and thought it would be wondrous to have some of these beautiful floral decorations at the event. I was thrilled to find out the name of the company thatContinue reading “BloomsFair Floral Art”

Magnetic Eyeliner

Goodbye, sweet, sweet lipsticks. My red lippies are in the trash. Just kidding. These beloved staples of my makeup wardrobe will be in the drawer as my pout will be covered in public for the foreseeable future.  (See Mia’s article to get great masks!) It is time that we make-up wearers up our eye game.Continue reading “Magnetic Eyeliner”

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